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Zen Mountain Path

a.k.a. - The Samurai Village

Holistic Inpatient Recovery Center in California

Zen Mountain Path is substance abuse facility inspired and modeled after an Edo Period Japanese Samurai Village. This treatment modality offers a very unique recovery experience. At Zen Mountain Path, folks are given the opportunity to return to their source beneath a dappled canopy of pines, cedars and cypress trees that reach up and seem to scratch at the bluest skies you have ever seen. This experience is not for the faint of heart. It is real world recovery and much, much more. Nestled beside Strawberry Creek, students at Zen Mountain Path engage upon a spiritual quest and personal odyssey unlike anything you have ever experienced. You will be transported mind, body and spirit and emerge changed, stronger and filled with an unbounded peace.

Students at Zen Mountain Path receive the highest levels of care and training that a modern Ronin could hope for. Ronin were great samurai warriors who had lost their way. Master-less and direction-less, these once mighty warriors stumbled and wandered aimless throughout the cities and countrysides of Japan. At ZMP we specialize in helping the lost find their way again and breath life back into a life deflated and disgraced by substances abuse.

ZMP is not for everyone. You will be challenged and guided and nourished. The rugged terrain and exposure to nature and humanity in its most raw form can be challenging for many. But, it is the long road that truly tests the horse. Time defines us and shapes us like the river shapes and defines the rocks. Smoothing them and softening them so the miracle can take place. We view people as works of art and addicts/alcoholics are truly the finest and most cherished artists among us, they just lost their way. At ZMP your life becomes your medium and greatest work of art you will ever create!

This highly specialized program offers holistic therapy, psychotherapy, group process and addiction relapse prevention. Additionally this program is geared to help the chronic relapse finally find their way. Each individual will participate in hiking, fishing and many other outdoor activities while at ZMP. Space is extremely limited and currently we are only accepting 6 participants at a time.

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