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Zen Career Path

Zen Career Path is unique to ZRP. We realized early on that once you are sober and free…life still costs money. Helping our clients reach financial independence and stability is a major issue that is regularly overlooked in an industry that seems to be designed as a carousel of revolving addicts/addicts in and out over and over again. In the end, most people are no better off then when they started treatment.

At Zen Recovery we are championing the belief that people need more than just sobriety, they need to be excited again! They need something that makes them jump out of bed eager to begin the day. A life worth living and a life that can be afforded and maintained and improved upon again and again. Sobriety is not enough, Zen Career Path is our way to make sure our participants are employable and capable of living independently and contently. We teach clients about interview techniques, we take them to job interviews and we coach them on how to honestly and effectively express themselves to others.

Graduates of Zen Career Path will be prepared to find and obtain their chosen career path. We work one-on-one with our Career Path students and support them getting their GED, writing a resume, preparing for an interview, nailing an interview and getting a job in their chosen field.

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