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Zen Recovery Path

a.k.a. – The Barn

PHP, IOP, OP and Adjunct Sober Living in Costa Mesa

Our Day Treatment/PHP is a balanced treatment protocol designed to help those seeking treatment after an initial inpatient discharge. Some people utilize our Day Program as a fresh alternative to traditional inpatient care. Zen is often times so cunningly simple it escapes our grasp. It slips away before it can be held tangible. Many of our client's have tried and failed at previous inpatient facilities using industry standards procedures. We cater to those individuals to which the lowest common denominator does not apply. We tend to connected with the folks who feel marginalized and shoved to the fringes of the status qua by the one size fits all approach. This program is 6 hours per day/6 days per week

Our IOP offers a fresh perspective on continuing care. Ok, the hard part is over right? Right? Hardly, sobriety is easy compared to what happens once you are clear headed and focused. Life on life's terms suddenly comes a knockin'. And boy does it ever knock loud. This is a delicate time in a person's recovery and our IOP program is designed to help teach you how to face and overcome all of life's challenges, conquests, victories and defeats, and successes and failures. Loss and love and money and loneliness. Unavoidable realities, but at ZRP we learn how to face all of life's seasons with grace, bravery and humility. This program is 5 days a week mon-fri and 6 hours per day.

Customized Outpatient and Lifestyle Reintegration

Transitioning back into the world is an important milestone for the newly enlightened and sober. Our outpatient and lifestyle reintegration is designed to help clients keep the ball rolling and start capitalizing on the new life they have built for themselves. This treatment protocol emphasizes practicing the new skills and habits and perspectives we have learned. Now the fun part starts, putting it all into practice. Zen is a way to see yourself and the world you share with others as intrinsic, unified and innately exquisite. OP programs are completely customizable and can be tailored made to any schedule. Generally, this program is two or three times a week for 2-3 hours per day.

Zen Programs