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The Compound


Recycled art, intensive outpatient costa mesa

Recycled Art

Antique French Cathedral window
from the late 17th century

Our alternative addiction rehab is located in Orange County in the city of Costa Mesa, CA between Los Angeles and San Diego. Our holistic rehab setting provides a serene open space and because of our close proximity to the beach, we catch some of the best breezes.

Our intensive outpatient in Costa Mesa is decorated with historical artifacts and items that have been recycled, restored and displayed, giving visitors that comfortable feeling of familiarity.

The ambiance is a constant reminder of what we would like to achieve with clients at our alternative addiction rehab: To evoke the appreciation of the authentic self and restore the original beauty in each individual.

In the Footsteps of Giants

The land where Zen Recovery Path now sits is rich with history. Originally, the land was a grand, old farm. Being only a mile or so from the Pacific Ocean, perched up on a hill, the ground here is fertile and rich. The ocean breezes no doubt breathed life into many crops that fed and sustained the community here for generations.

Old-timers built a barn on the land that was used to house chickens and livestock. Today that old barn still stands. With modern upgrades and a wood burning fireplace, the barn is now used for special mediation groups and other spiritual disciplines and holistic services practiced at Zen Recovery Path.

In the early 1950s a pair of Navy boys who were friends while serving in the South Pacific together decided to start making boats here with college education and no engineering degrees. Just know-how, grit and sheer tenacity made the boats they built here the finest sailing vessels ever made.

Feet Planted, Alternative addiction rehab

John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart were a few of people lucky enough to have one of these "one-of-kind" ships made specifically for them. These were big shoes to fill and they left us reminders around every corner. Old mahogany beams, gorgeous teak planking and giant chains they used to pull their creations around the yard. We saved every piece and scrap and used it to build the space for our alternative addiction rehab services at Zen Recovery.

The idea had always been that YOU possess all that YOU seek. When we found this land nestled between a bamboo grove in Costa Mesa, it had long been abandoned by these extraordinary farmers, builders and sailors. It had essentially become a junk yard. But all the pieces were here. They had just become overlooked and overgrown. When we first laid eyes at what would become Zen Recovery Path, we saw the potential. We saw the inherent beauty and felt the serenity that was inherent. To many, a junkyard was all they would see. Garbage, unusable debris, neglected antiques that once held promise but now just useless artifacts from yesterday. Unusable junk. Broken. Beyond help and not worth saving. We disagreed. We saw something grand and beautiful and inspiring. We saw the raw canvass and the palette and all the pieces to a extraordinary sanctuary of healing and enlightenment.

People are no different from places. Through our alternative addiction rehab and intensive outpatient services offered at this Costa Mesa sanctuary, we practice looking inward for the answers. We know that we all possess what we seek and the only job left to do is to "unmuddy" the mind and clean up the debris so that their true self can shine forth.

We believe this.