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About Zen Recovery

Alternative Addiction Treatment

The modern social climate can be harsh on the most hardy of buds, yet by some twist of chance, a rare delicate seed has grown. More than grown, it has bloomed! Put simply, we are an Eastern Philosophy based alternative addiction treatment program specializing in day programs, intensive outpatient and sober living. But that is just the beginning...

In the old days, when China was the center of world culture, a symbol was created that referred to a place where creativity and humanity is fostered, encouraged and sustained. This symbol is known as an "Enso" today or more commonly as "the Zen circle."

The Enso represents a creative space where creativity is allowed to prosper and grow. A place where self expression, growth and enlightenment are encouraged. Like a garden, all things that grow are welcome here. Like a Phoenix, all great things begin in the dirt and ashes. Like a lotus, all beautiful creations start in the mud and the muck.

It is from here that our enlightening alternative drug and alcohol treatment program in Orange County, California helps clients grow. Our holistic addiction treatment program includes group processes, sponsorship and modern psychotherapy are utilized at Zen, but alone they are just not enough. The difference at Zen is our approach to human beings. We view every human being who shares their recovery journey with us as unique, special and original. Each person who comes here develops a life plan, alternative addiction treatment plan, and style that suits them specifically.
Sifu Mathew Carver
The Barn
February 2013